The school day is often busy and intense, but always (we hope) enjoyable and interesting. We are conscious that we only have the children for five hours, excluding break and lunch, and every minute of those hours is precious and needs to be focused on learning. Please help us by ensuring that the children arrive on time, adequately breakfasted and with all the equipment that they will need for the day.

Daily Routine

Most of the children come by bus. The buses arrive about 08.40 – if they are early, we ask that the children remain on board until the playground gate opens. In order to segregate children from traffic as much as possible, buses are the only vehicles allowed to enter the school car park from 08.40-09.00 and from 14.45-1505.

Parents driving children to school should park in the Meeting Room and walk their children to the gate, even if they are late.

On arrival, the children should get all their things ready for the day.  The gates are closed a few minutes before the official start of c, and at 08.55 sharp a bell is rung and the children practise their timed morning Maths exercises.

The children are dismissed at 14.55. They wait on the astro near the car park gate with a member of staff. From here they are either led onto the buses, or handed over to the adult who is collecting them in the Meeting Room car park.


Playground gate opens:                           08.40

Lessons 1 and 2:                                         08.55-10.55

Morning break:                                          10.55-11.10

Lesson 3:                                                       11.10-12.10

Lunch:                                                           12.10-12.55

Lessons 4 and 5:                                         12.55-14.55

Snacks and drinks

The children should have a nutritious snack at break time – no sweets or crisps please. They are encouraged to have water (not squash) in a bottle in the classroom. This can be refilled from our water dispenser.


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